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Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

When searching online for a vacation rental, be aware that booking fees are charged by third party channel partners that advertise vacation rentals. While these sites help you compare prices, their fees can be between 4 to 15% added on top of your rental total.  These fees are in addition to what the vacation rental owner or property manager already pays to advertise on their sites.  It appears the channel partners charge both the owner or PM and the traveler… Almost like double dipping.

What do you get for this percentage upcharge?

What you get for the booking fee varies per third party site.  While some offers guarantees on having a pleasant vacation experience, you will most likely be directed straight back to the property manager onsite should any issues arise which creates an unhappy experience.  Why not just book direct from the proper manager servicing that owner’s vacation rental?

I suppose it could offer some assurances if you are booking from an individual you have never done business with.  But do you really want to gamble your hard earned vacation?

To avoid such fees, you can contact the property manager direct and avoid paying these fees and you will be booking the exact same property you located on the third party website.

On our website, you can enjoy the convenience of booking online and avoid the third party booking fees while resting easy that we are locally onsite to serve you.

It is time for travelers to wake up and  book smarter.  Establish a meaningful relationship and start enjoying your vacation.  You just might be really happy about the services and prices you get direct.  After all, it is our business to create happy vacations.

Call us to begin a lifelong relationship with our local property managers

that deliver HAPPY VACATIONS.


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