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What is a fortified home?

What is a Fortified Home?

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While it’s impossible to stop future storms from coming, steps can be taken to strengthen homes against damage and lower insurance costs. Extensive testing completed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) has shown that you can construct or retrofit an existing home to withstand heavy winds preventing devastating damages. Taking these steps can SAVE you on home owner’s insurance costs along the Gulf Coast.

On July 1st, wind mitigation discounts went into effect for the state’s admitted insurance companies (those certified to write policies in Alabama). By using fortified standards developed by IBHS, insurance premium discounts range from 10 to 60%.


Click the links below to learn what “Fortified” could mean to you.

View the demonstration of the results of a fortified home against one built to current code in the link below.

Hurricane Demonstration


It takes less than 5 minutes. There is an application fee and a final inspection charge. Since their fees are subject to change, please contact them direct. The fortified inspections should not be substituted for normal home inspections, but added to your consideration to help keep your family safe and your insurance costs down.

Laws are changing. It is best to educate and have the opportunity to catch the savings. Be proactive.

Additional Websites:

The information on these sites is intended to provide you with knowledge that can save lives and save money on insurance costs regarding Alabama’s Coastal Properties.


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