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What Sellers Expect

Ok, so now you are moving.  It really doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the street, across town or across the world.  The same service should be expected from your listing agent.

Sellers must disclose health and safety issues such as toxic mold or lead based paint; however, in Alabama, sellers do not have to disclose all past repairs.  In Alabama, it is the buyer’s responsibility regarding discovery.  So leave the discovery to them.

Don’t tell everything to your agent because then, if asked, by a discovering buyer, the agent should answer honestly.  Such buyer questions might include:  Has your home ever flooded?  Unless health and safety issues are involved, your agent does not need to know this information for it could harm your negotiations.

Research your listing agent prospects to see if they have an online presence which is critical to your success these days.

The duties of your agent include obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability and reasonable care and skill.

If the agent you are considering can not name these duties, keep searching.

Another important criteria is photo quality.  Pictures mean everything to obtaining showings.

It is not our goal to sell more houses.  We strive for something better….
To sell houses for more.

We are equipped and ready to serve you.  We include professional photography, CirclePix internet marketing and direct emails to buyer prospects and their agents along with traditional print advertising to reach thousands of prospects.  We will keep moving so you can start moving.

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